I am a wife and mother of 3 young people. Following completing my degree in Accounting and finance, have worked within the financial and investment industry for over thirty years. Currently a Part time Finance Director, whilst running my own consultancy business.

Was a school governor for 15 years, working alongside senior leaders and supporting teachers to provide excellent education to children.

Am passionate about the outcomes and opportunities afforded to our children and young people, and I believe that everyone should be supported and be given ‘tools of the trade’ to have great outcomes in life.

In light of COVID 19 and various incidents that have recently been reported in the media, I felt an urgent need to step up and do something positive to focus and energize our young people. Equipping and inspiring them on to do their best within the school system so they achieve great results and build confidence, hence our motto ‘Instilling a spirit of excellence’. Accoutre will work with families to support and improve the outcomes of their children.



My name is Anna.  I am a ‘vibrant’ mother raising 2 young people of mixed heritage and felt it was important for the children to understand their rich cultural  identity. After deciding to leave Italy, at a young age, I came to London; and have never looked back! I have studied International Business, Marketing and Design . My specialism is the Italian food industry. I occupy various roles: I currently work for my own company, as well as being a freelance consultant and finally, I am CEO for an international reputable food company in the UK. I have always been passionate about young children as “they are our future “ , and we ought to do everything, however small, to aid and prepare them for life’s, at times arduous and perplexing,  journey.

Considering the unexpectable pandemic of  2020 i.e. Covid 19, made me contemplate the fate of young children of today and its effect on them; and the fact that they appeared almost invisible and yet a silent, still voice, during this unprecedented season..  Hence why we set up this non – profit organization to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds have a voice and greater autonomy in their future.


Safeguarding & Wellbeing Officer

My name is Susan and I am an Early Years Practitioner i.e. Key Stage 1.

I have occupied this role for 30 years. Early years is so significant as it builds and sets a solid foundation for life.  Children in this setting have what I call a tangible `zest’ for life.  They are eager and inquisitive to learn everything.  My enjoyment is seeing them hunting for bugs and carefully meticulously observing with great captivation, as the bug crawls around their fingers and hands, and then disappears.  The look of wonderment and astonishment on their faces is priceless. Even in that moment of creative play learning is taking place. Accoutre takes every aspect of a child’s learning and brings it into the classroom. All learning is valuable. The Wellbeing and Safeguarding aspect of the project is what I focus on.  It is so difficult for young people to learn with pain and trauma.  My role is to bring in Wellbeing and Safeguarding measures to successfully  aid the child’s learning.

Well what can I tell you further about me? I too am a mum of 4 and I have 1 cat. I love reading, exercising  and I write fun poetry for children in my free time.



Hello my name is Sandra. I am a wife and mother of 2 girls. I am currently a lecturer in English Language as well as running our own family business. Prior to this, I trained as a Youth, Community and Social Worker. I studied for a diploma in Youth Studies followed by a degree in Education and Training in 1996; l later studied for a Subject Specialism in Literacy.

 I sincerely believe that my call is to help improve the lives and outcomes for young people. So, when I got the call that a new project was starting up – involving young people – and the question followed shortly: “Would you like to join us?” – WELL! My response was: “How could I possibly refuse!”

The Accoutre principles sits comfortably with my tenets of my life: to provide young people with the tools to change and shape their world as well as themselves. The underlying thread that runs unceasingly throughout the project, whether teaching, in meetings or being in a working group is: `Instilling a spirit of excellence.”

Accoutre is a vibrant, forward-thinking and  innovative organisation with the sole aim: to advance the lives of young people – they `do’ education differently – and to this end, I am immensely delighted to be part of it.


Resident Historian

Hello my name is Sarah (I come to Accoutre with the following: BA, SOAS, MSc & UCL).  I am a Historian and Linguist, I am proud to say that I graduated from SOAS University with 1st Class Honours.

 As a Historian, my specialist regions are the: Caribbean Basin (Anglophone, Hispanic and Dutch) and parts of West Africa. I specialise in the history of the African diaspora in these regions, with a particular focus on nationalism and identity, and social and political history. I’m currently studying MSc at UCL in the international development sector where I focus on the role of institutions in economic and social development in the Caribbean Basin, and in redressing racialised socioeconomic inequalities.

I love music and dance and learning new languages. My aim is to be fluent in 4 languages in 2024 !

Angela Ibironke

Maths Coordinator

I am married and have two lovely girls.

 I started off as a Mechanical Engineer, that was my first degree followed by a Masters in Business Systems Analysis and Design. My professional journey began in IT designing data base systems, programming and oracle software applications as well as software training. After a number of years working for various organisations in the city, I then decided to follow my passion in teaching. I went back to university and obtained the PGCE. I have been teaching for 10 years; a profession that I feel deeply passionate about.

I love maths because it is logical and all about problem solving. Maths is all around us.

As the Maths Co-ordinator at Accoutre, I want to inspire our children to develop a love of learning maths. I want to see them go into industries that have applications of maths and for them to have the necessary skills to support their learning, and to finally improve their outcomes.